Mishna Yomi Programme

The Mishna Yomi Programme

English language mishna study at your fingertips! 

Join an English Mishna yomi shiur requiring about 10 minutes of daily Mishna study covering two mishnayos every day on the world-wide Mishna yomi programme.

Mishna yomi audio files are downloadable from this site or by subscribing to our e-mail distribution list and two audio files will be e-mailed to you daily covering the two mishnayos for that day. This is free of charge.

Further details for this are under the section “Contact Us”.

If you would rather have a masechta or whole seder sent to you, please let us know and we will use one of the file transfer protocols to get this to you.

Although this specific programme originated out of a Mishna yomi programme in South Africa (see the “About The Site” page), the programme has members from around the world due to the easily digestable format in which the Mishna is presented. 



We now also have our very own Mishna Yomi App available free in the iStore and Google Play stores

Click Here to Download the App from www.mishnayomi.com

You can either follow the daily schedule or browse through the files.

The app also has a reminder functionality to remind you to listen to the Mishnayos for that day and an option to tick that the day has been completed so you can follow what you have listened to and what you still need to listen to.